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.... some play with torn and crumpled printed paper

And, wishing a spooky yet safe Halloween, weather and storms permitting. The link has my favourite image for this day.

Marja-Leena | 31/10/2012 | 11 comments
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Happy Halloween to you, dear Marja-Leena! May the spookiness of the evening be a treat!

The first one looks just like a dove. Nice.

Yesterday was very windy followed by heavy rains (with some thunder and lightning) today. I spent the day drawing one of the pictures for the new story so that was good.

That picture of Stonehenge is one of the best I've ever seen. Happy Hallowe'en to you too.

Rouchswalwe, thanks, the many neighbourhood fireworks are fantastic this year, one after another for a couple of hours, still going as I type. We were going from one window to another to see them all - the best entertainment tonight as we had few children come to the door.

Susan, why yes, it does look like a dove. I really had fun with these. Thanks for both compliments. The Stonehenge photo is a favourite of mine. I'm glad the storm wasn't as bad as feared. We've also had an awful lot of rain here.

The shapes of crumpled paper are an inspiration. They open all sorts of possibilites. I've always like the random folds and creases in textiles for the same reaon.

Joe, yes, and I found that the print on this paper also has the intriguing look of fabric when I scanned these, particularly in the first and third images. Playing with possibilities here....

I'm with Susan. Interesting bird shape... Like the tiny flirt of the head...

And I wonder where these are going?

About the Stonehenge pic: that's a moody one. First time I saw Stonehenge, it was misting, and the circle seemed to rise out of the ground like a crown--with a rainbow arcing directly into it. Shall never forget that strangeness.

Hi Marly, you too? I'm always amazed what people see in abstract shapes. I too wonder where these will go. I collect images galore and later some come forth in my art work in some form.

I'm not sure you were a reader in 2009 when we visited England and Paris, and I blogged about it under 'Travel'. Here's the post about visiting Stonehenge, if you are interested. My experience was not as magical as yours, being in bright afternoon sunlight with a crowd of people.

At my first too-quick glance I thought the red was streaks of blood! Must be the Halloween influence. Now I see the print's intricate pattern and it takes on a whole other aspect. The eyes/mind are so unreliable.

Natalie, I thought of that too after scanning these, but hoped no one would think it and find them gruesome for that is not at all what they are about. I'm glad you saw the print, a part of a colour trial proof I'd done long ago.

I think finding a dove torn and bloody is pretty evocative...

Marly, wow, you do find the most evocative things to say, thanks!