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On this rainy Boxing Day afternoon, I am enjoying some quiet time in the middle of the holiday fun. The younger generations are enjoying playing board games while I wander off to play with some of the discarded wrapping papers and chocolate box liners.

These 'scrunches' seem to be turning into a series - here's the first, and the second.

Hope you are enjoying some quiet post-holiday time too. Like me, are you avoiding all the crazy Boxing Day sales? If we'd been more energetic, we should have gone up the mountain for some play in the snow. I'm sure we'll do it on another day!

Added January 1st, 2013: For Marly (see her comment below). Happy New Year!


Marja-Leena | 26/12/2012 | 6 comments
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Ach, it was back to work for me today, so your scrunches capture how I feel. We did get some beautiful snow though. I'll be dreaming of chocolates and magic violins tonight!

I can see you did your duty with the chocolates - all in the cause of art, naturally.

I'm happy you had such a wonderful Christmas as the lovely pictures of your talented family show. All best wishes of the season once more.

Rouchswalwe, I'd forgotten Americans do not get a holiday on Boxing Day, sorry to hear. Beautiful snow and such dreams will make up for a work day!

Susan, with so many mouths around, the chocolates do disappear fast. Funny how cleaning up the debris can inspire some creative play, eh. Thank you, it's been a lovely Christmas indeed because all our family is together this time. Hope yours has been wonderful too.

It's the 27th, but we definitely avoided the sales and the stores yesterday -- and today too. Big snowstorm here; I just got back, all sweaty, from a long walk trudging through the drifts. It was great! I like these scrunches - hope you'll keep exploring the theme.

Beth, I've been hearing about those snowstorms first in northeast US and now in Canada. Glad you are not having problems where you are, instead enjoying the snow... how I do miss it.

And thanks, glad you like the scrunches - they just seem to happen when something interesting catches my eye in my everyday life.

Scrunches! I wonder... maybe try some without the edges showing? Might be pleasantly disorienting!