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I've come down with a cold, so I'm not mentally up to clear thinking and writing. Instead here's a visual treat for the day, another one of some objects that I scanned for fun a while ago. Right now this brings back happy memories of beachcombing and warm sunshine - it's unseasonably cool, windy and wet here!

If you missed seeing the other scans, have a look here and here.

Marja-Leena | 19/04/2006 | 14 comments
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Parane pian! Kotilot näyttävät todella kauniilta tuon lasin läpi.

Kiitos viidesrooli! ja opin uuden suomalaisen sanan - kotilot! Minusta oli hauska leikkiä skannerin kansa, ja tässä lasi tekee kivoja lisävärejä.

How pretty. Feel better, Marja-Leena! Spring colds are not fun, but they do seem rampant this year.

Thanks Leslee, I'm working on it - lots of natural remedies, hot drinks and naps!

Marja Hope you feel better. Both of my parent are sick too. Something is going around.

Thanks Cathy! I hope your parents get better soon too.

Sounds like you are having the same weather for spring that we are for autumn! looks we're in for a cold winter - hope you have a good summer to make up for the cold start to the change. Love your sea shells - one of my favourite things to do is walk along an isolated beach and roll these little treasures over in the hand imagining where they have been! Hope your feeling better by now...

Paljon onnea blogille ja kiitos kukista. Meillä on täällä kotona ennestään samanlainen kimppu, joka muistuttaa nyt Sinusta.
Parane pian!

Sinistä kotiloissa - en ole ennen nähnyt. Kaunista! Toivottavasti paranet pian!

Oh my, so many touching "get well" comments, THANKS everyone!!

Linden, great to hear from you! Yes, I've been reading about your cold fall. Hope the winter won't be too bad. But you won't mind being indoors printing!

Anna, kiitos vain Sinulle, olet kukkien ystävä niin kuin minä.

Iines, hauska kun kävit katsomassa! Tuo sininen on jotenkin lasista ilmestynyt skannauksessa ja se antaa mielyttävän hohteen, eikö niin? Kotiloiden sisällä on kyllä usein sinistä.

A warm thought from a fellow sufferer.

Hanhensulka, what a nice surprise to have you drop by! Sorry that you are sick too - get well quick! I'm better on day 3, wish me luck that it will be short one (peukut pystyssä!).

Very evocative.

Get well soon. This has been a particularly bad cold season, I think.

Thanks Dave! I managed to fend off several colds going around this winter, but this one got me completely off guard.