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My favourite 'meditation' pools by the sea at our west coast retreat

Marja-Leena | 29/05/2010 | 9 comments
themes: Canada and BC, Nature, Photoworks


Very peaceful. I specially like the top one, the meander in miniature.

I like those weird seaweed bladders in the last one too...

Lucy, you like my favourite!

The last photograph is like meditation itself. What a beautiful and inspiring retreat!

I am trying to teach myself to see the way you do. These pictures are so lovely. And I agree about the seaweed. Those things have a gem-like quality, like giant pearls.

Joe, it was beautiful and inspiring, as always.

Anne, thank you for your words about seeing! I'm sure you, as an artist, are just as visually sensitive.

Just extraordinary images. I love to drop by just to see a bit of the world through your eyes.

I've had a busy week but I'll be back.

I see a sole in the first one ...

Susan, thanks for looking!

R, sole as in fish? or as in shoe? :-)

Heehee ... the one with eyeballs!