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self-portrait 6


Here's another self-portrait, one that turned out rather Andy Warhol-ish, don't you agree? Maybe it's also a reflection of my overheated mind and body as the temperatures continue to be HOT here!

Here are the other ones that I've contributed to the self-portrait marathon: the first self-portrait, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth.

And the super slide-show of the participants' portraits. There are a few days left to join in as it ends on July 8th.

Marja-Leena | 03/07/2006 | 8 comments
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I like the self-portraits better and better. My favourites are 4 and 6, and I would be tempted to play with them together to see what transpired. It is interesting how dominant your eyes and glasses are in each one.

Nice. I'm with you on not liking the heat, BTW. Fortunately it's cool right now in Pennsylvania, but I'm sure we'll get our turn again before the summer's out.

looks like I need to hurry up!

Thanks, Omega. Yes, I've thought of combining several images but haven't really had the time for it. This after all is just a fun distraction for me.

Dave, thanks. Nice to know there are others who are NOT heat-lovers, I always feel outnumbered by my heat crazy sisters-in-law who've been visiting. This morning it was cloudy and I had a burst of energy and went to do some gardening. Forecast said possible thundershowers - great, no watering to do today! Well, it got hot then it got sunny, and I got beet red in the face and dripping all over! This heat wave is unusually early, it's usually in mid-July to mid-August. We've had no rain in almost three weeks so the fire hazard is high. It may be a long hot summer! :-(

Erika, yes, you have less than 4 days!

I'm not too sure about this one - I think you have been influenced in your colour choice by all those bronze legs. Or maybe it is one of those heat-seeking images - the blue indicating the hot spots? Just teasing, they are a really good collection. I must do one more too.

Yeah, Anna, I've got tan envy! I can't stand to stay in the sun long enough to get bronze legs! Heat seeking is what I was thinking too! Did you do another one yet?

I love this one, M-L. Something earthy/metallic/ancient/Byzantine about it, making it into a real object rather than merely a representation of a face.
Interesting to see where this experiment could lead.

Thanks, Natalie! Indeed, I'm getting some ideas for my own work!
This self-portrait marathon was a great idea of yours! Did you expect it to be such a resounding success?