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Marja-Leena | 08/01/2008 | 16 comments
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Ooooh. Your photos just get more and more gorgeous.

Yum! it's been awhile since I had one them. Good choice with the plate colors

Mmm, I can taste those! I keep seeing them in the stores, but haven't splurged on one yet. I might have to now.

Jean, Cathy and Leslee - glad you like. I had a lot of fun photoshopping it, making the colours more vibrant and painterly. The plate is not this colour, by the way, Cathy. I crave one of these now, for it was way before Christmas when i ate this one, heh.

pomegranate - grenat- garnet - grenadine -grenade...the etymology explodes in all directions like the seeds when you smash them!
(I shouldn't wonder if you see Joe H. here soon...)
Most delicious, thank you ML.

Unbelievably delicious! What is the blueish substance around the berries? Ice cream? Oh I wish I could taste this picture.

Lucy, thanks for the fascinating etymology!

Natalie, thanks! The blueish stuff in really the cream coloured membrane around the seeds. As you can see I've taking liberties with the colours.

Joan, glad you like it.

Very nice capture and photoshoppery! I've kind of moved away from my earlier enthusiasm for intense colors, but this makes a very persuasive case for taking another look.

The cropping is interesting, too. I think I like it!

Dave, I appreciate the compliment coming from such a good photographer! As for colours, this is more intense than usual for me, but I think I was craving that in these dull dark days.

Despite computer problems I have at last got there. I love it. The essence of pomegranate.

Joe, thanks. You wrote about pomegranates about the same time as this post, so it's essence must be pretty powerful :-)

Oh, wonderful. I love the caul-like membranes especially.

rr, glad you like it! I like the membrane too, especially the colour it turned out in the photoshopping.