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September 1st


Hey, it's September 1st already! For much of my life it has represented a beginning of a new year, as a child going to school, then as a university student. Later I went to school as a teacher for a few years. Later still, as a parent I helped my children set off each new September with the same hopes and a little fear. I still think of this feeling every September and, of course, it feels like a fresh new beginning for me as I start planning to head back to the printmaking studio next week after the summer hiatus.

A while ago I wrote about the changing light of the season, and of course we are rapidly progressing towards the fall (or spring, depending where you are) equinox to come later this month. So it was timely for me to capture some images of morning light and evening shadows to share in this week's Finnish Photo Thursday, the theme being Light or Valo.

Another bloggers' sharing event, Festival of the Trees #3 is now up at Burning Silo. Bev, this month's hostess, is a fabulous nature photographer and naturalist living in eastern Ontario, Canada, so do visit the rest of her fascinating blog while you are there.

Here at home, I'm busy getting ready for some visitors (family) from Idaho who are actually on their way home from a summer in Alaska. Posting may be light over the coming week. It's also the start of the Labour Day long weekend, so have a good one!


Marja-Leena | 01/09/2006 | 9 comments
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Have a great weekend! I've always felt bittersweet about this weekend, since summer is my favorite time of year and I've spent Labor Day Weekends at the beach wondering how it all went by so fast. But this year September brings the return of "Island Man" so I'm looking forward to enjoying some Indian Summer out on the island soon. And once fall sets in, it can be beautiful here in the Northeast, then the crisp fall air takes over and is embraced.

that 2nd one makes me miss home.
playing with the shadows on that wall.
playing with the reflections in your framed piece(s).

this will be my last september back-to-school. in high school and i think elementary as well, it was always the potent fragrance of blackberries.

i've noticed the shifting light here. the sun is now behind a house earlier in the evening and the evening light has moved from one side of the room to the other, over the course of the summertime. i kind of wonder where it will be during the winter, if i'll get any! a good reason to be going to school, or to have a job outside of the home: getting outside!

i was enjoying the warmth and light today on my steps while working on school prep, when i saw a BIG BROWN SPIDER out of the corner of my eye, and when i could no longer see it i knew it was time to get outta there! the only downside to the outdoors, i suppose. when i don't go outside but want the outside in, i'll open the door to let in the air and the heat and the, er, bugs! that's the best one can do in a basement, i think.

let's all go for some walks this weekend. fall is coming, but i know that the first few weeks of september are still summer in vancouver!

Thanks Leslee! I do hope September brings you many happy days of sun and time with your "Island Man"! It's usually still summery here, but we need a light sweater if we head out early in the morning and by afternoon we need shorts!

Erika, you are waxing nostalgic already at your young age. I was thinking of you starting your last year at art school, but not from home for the first time! Don't let the spiders bother you, just share the sun with the little critters while you still can. See you Sunday!

I've been nostalgic for awhile. but i guess i can look forward to discovering the feelings and smells of an even earlier morning in surrey. the view from the skytrain closer to vancouver will be phenomenal on sunny days! and no worrying about traffic for 37 minutes of my commute since it won't be on a bus anymore. maybe i'll be seeing more friends as well on my morning and afternoon routes. i'm getting excited about it. but a last year at art school, and then that's it... wow. i think i might miss it! it's weird to think of all the people who are no longer there (unless they're coming back for masters!) and all the new kids coming in. i wonder how we'll feel and what we'll be doing next september?

in the meantime, sunday -- one last time for my summer dress this year, and maybe a chance to hop in the sprinkler, too!

I also feel that I am still programmed by the schoolterms. Every autumn is in a way the same as starting a new class at school. Perhaps this is true of everybody.

Hi Anna! We are having a hot weekend here with 30C yesterday, so it's hard to believe summer is ending soon. The others have gone canoeing this afternoon while I'm taking a short break of peace and quiet, and catching up a little with blogs. Finland has also been having a long hot and dry summer like we have; I hope your fall will be lovely!

FALL does seem like a natural beginning...the beginning of the season for initiating new projects that can be pursued indoors, away from weather hindrances...and maybe a time to reflect on the SHADOWED recollections of what seemed to be ENDLESS SUMMER...

Chuck, perhaps with the shorter days and cooler temperatures our minds and bodies are moving away from being so lazy and now wish to pursue all those projects that have been simmering on the back burner! I'm excited to see what new work I will come up with using some of the photographs I've taken the last few months. It does take me a little while to adjust my rhythm though. How about you, living where there are no seasons?