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Seven years and Thanksgiving


The amazing wood s lot is 7 years old, and that's a lot in blog years! In addition to his ever rich cornucopia, for the past few months Mark has been posting his own beautiful photos of his home region in Ontario which I've admired. With my obsession with rocks and petroglyphs, I was most intrigued by his post of Sept.25th, 2007 with his photos of Mazinaw Rock in Bon Echo Provincial Park. He wrote:

"This 1.5-kilometre sheer rock face rises 100 metres above Mazinaw Lake, one of the deepest lakes in Ontario, and features over 260 native pictographs - the largest visible collection in Canada. It also is home to some Eastern White Cedars upwards of 1000 years old."

Congratulations and thank you, Mark! That's a great photo of you.

And, it's the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. We'll have our family dinner on Sunday (tomorrow) with eight of us around the table - two daughters, two partners and two granddaughters. One out-of-town daughter and her partner will be missed but not forgotten, especially on her birthday on Monday! We are thankful for the blessings of a lovely family and a good life in this beautiful part of the world. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Have a lovely Thanksgiving, ML!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Have you got room for anudder two? Enjoy this festive Thanksgiving - we do have a lot to be thankful for! R & C

Thanks Lucy and Joan!

R & C, always room for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Hello Marja-Leena,

I found your blog through Joan over at the rivanna river days.
I see that you are Finnish-Canadian. I had an aunt (Lilja Suominen) in Helsinki. She has been dead for about thirty years now.
And one of my sisters emigrated to Canada when she was twenty. She lives in Toronto with her family.
I am about the only one of my family who stayed in (good) old Europe.

Olivia, how nice to meet you! I've had a look at your blog - you are a writer! I've bookmarked it and will visit again. Besides our Finnish and Canadian connections, we also have the German one as my husband was born there. We both came to Canada as children and grew up in Winnipeg, where we met and married. I've been to Germany twice with our family and think it's a beautiful country, as is all of Europe! It's time for another visit. Have you been to Canada and Finland?

at the risk if sounding twee (read sycophantic)
I count you as one of my blessings

Mouse, not twee, thank you so much for our friendship! Isn't it amazing how blogging has opened the doors to new connections across the world?! Though I wish we were geographically closer...