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shrinking shapes of white
shifting from all white
to black-and-white
to green-and-white

Marja-Leena | 09/01/2009 | 12 comments
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At least it didn't go from white to pools of clear (or not so clear) water....

Maria, there are many small pools in the yard, but thankfully no floods like in the Fraser Valley near Chilliwack! So many homes filled with mud and water, some demolished by mud slides... Another Hawaiian Express tonight.

You know what I am going to say, don't you?
The sight of melting snow fills me with sadness. I want to gather it all up and keep it safely in the freezer, in fact, I have been known to keep a bowl of snow in the freezer in the past
I really must have been a reindeer in a past life

Do my eyes deceive me? Isn't the second one down an attempt to render the Great Lakes area? Certainly you've got Erie in there.

Perhaps this is how writing got started way back in the mists of time ...

its lovely when its crisp and new...

If you need some fresh snow, I have plenty since I got another 5 inches today.

Julie, I love snow and usually I'm sad to see the rain come but this time we're all tired of it because streets and sidewalks are not being plowed and there are still big snowbanks and many icy and crusty patches. It is hard to get around, especially for those who are very young, elders and the disabled. I dislike this long drawn out period of thaw. I know, we're spoiled out here in what is usually Lotusland! Still, I'm enjoying the changing shapes in the snow.

Barrett, the Great Lakes in our backyard sounds almost right!

Rouchswalwe, it's certainly a fascinating subject... for some.

Rosie, me too, but not old dirty snow.

Cathy, thanks but no more right now, please - we had a few hours of alarming slurries today.

Okay, then I won't offer you some of our newest snowfall. No patches of other color anywhere to be found here!

Leslee, I can't believe that I could ever refuse snow. Ask me again in about a month.

Snow takes on life, and it's sad to see it melt away.

Anil, and that is life, isn't it? There is still a lot of snow especially where it's been piled up, but it's presently drizzly and misty, a typical winter day in Vancouver. And I imagine the very opposite in Bombay.