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Silent Messengers: Hoodoos III


Silent Messengers: Hoodoos III
Inkjet & collagraph on paper, inkjet on clear mylar layer
91.5 x 58.3 cm.

Please see Silent Messengers: Hoodoos I for more information about this series.

Marja-Leena | 06/06/2005 | 5 comments
themes: Printworks, Silent Messengers


My favorite in this series so far.

I love this image too. Your work always makes me pine for printmaking. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks Dave and Elise, I do appreciate the feedback! I wish you could see it in real life - it's so much better.

I wish I could see them in person too. You're in Vancouver, BC right? I'm hopefully going to be coming down there next summer to help some friends bring their sailboat back up to Juneau. If it works out it would be great to take a studio tour!

Elise, I would love to meet you and show you my work! Wish I could come in that sailboat up to Juneau too - I've not made it to Alaska yet!