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a walk in the park


chasing clouds, dancing light
light and shadow, black and white


I agree with Olivia aboout walks.
Walks clear the mind, open the heart,
offer feasts for the eyes and food for the camera.

Marja-Leena | 10/11/2007 | 3 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Canada and BC, Nature, Photoworks


dark trees in the park
stark silhouettes against the
grey November sky

Thank you for mentioning my new post about walking, Marja-Leena. The photos will be put on by my photo helper Stefan this Sunday afternoon.
I love yours and commented with a haiku, as always.

Elegant etchings, very contemplative.

Olivia, your quotes on walking were very timely after we'd had a very enjoyable and lovely walk in fall sunshine.

I was quite amazed how some of my photos (shown here) turned out almost black and white, with the strong contrast of the light behind the trees - almost like etchings as you say, Lucy, thank you.
Yes, the walk made me very contemplative and I'm glad that mood came through here.