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I almost forgot! Today is the sixth anniversary of this blog! Thinking back to when I began, I would not have believed this would become such an important part of my life, and how many wonderful connections and friendships would grow from it. Last year I felt excited and blessed to personally meet several blog friends in the UK and here at home in the Vancouver region. Perhaps this year I'll meet a few more of you - welcome!

Though I don't write quite as much as in those early days, I seem to be posting more photographs as that has grown into a serious hobby in addition to being part of my art practice. I miss some of my favourite bloggers who have quit or have been leaving for Facebook, Twitter and other media. Meanwhile I continue to resist joining them, fearing spreading myself too thin. Thank you, those of you who are still here and still reading and commenting with such warmth.

Here are a few photos from our Sunday afternoon walk not far from home. How I love where we live, rain or shine!


From the archives, if you are interested:

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Marja-Leena | 01/02/2010 | 20 comments
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I'm glad for your new-found enthusiasm for photography, but I'm sure you would be posting lovely stuff here regardless. Congratulations on reaching that milestone, and I hope you continue blogging for many more years.

Congratulations. The interest and quality of your blog set a very high standard.

Dave, thanks! I hope I'll still be around for a while. I think we've "known" each other almost six years.

Hattie, thanks so much but gee, I always feel as if I'm fishing for compliments at times like this!

Congratulations! Six years is longer than most marriages (ha!). Just wanted to thank you for writing such wonderful posts and your photography and art work never cease to be inspiring.

Congratulations, M-L!

Little did I know that the crocodile was native to BC.

Lilalia, thank you. "...longer than most marriages (ha!)" :-)

Black Pete, and thanks to you too!

BB, ????

Later, much later....
Oh! You mean that funny shaped driftwood? It made us think of a giant bird. Sorry I was too dense initially to understand what you meant... never was quick with repartees :-)

Happy sixth, Marja-Leena. So glad you're still doing this!

Oh my, six years - about as long ago as I started blogging at my old blog. It has turned out to be a wonderful surprise, what's grown out of it, hasn't it? Happy blogday, Marja-Leena! And many more. :-)

Pica, thanks!

Leslee, we've known each other almost that long too, thanks to both of us blogging!

Congratulations. You celebrate six years with appropriately lovely photographs. Low clouds over water are always arresting.

Six years is impressive. I hope I make it that long. Meeting you, spending a weekend on Bowen Island, and seeing your wonderful prints was a highlight of my blog year as well. I agree entirely about Facebook and Twitter. One can't do everything.

Happy Six! Hurrah! (you know what's coming ...)
I shall raise a Pint to you with congratulatory gusto this very night! It shall be an ale brewed with Rye (since your blog has that extra special spice to it).

Joe, thanks! Those low misty clouds and the still water captivated me.

Anne, thanks, I bet you will keep on blogging a long time for you've got quite a following. That's what makes it all the more pleasurable plus meeting some of those blog friends, isn't it? So wonderful to have met you!

R, thanks for the raised glass! Wish it could be in real life...

Happy Anniversary! We start our blogs thinking we'll shape them and find that they shape us - quite a delicious surprise I think. So glad to have yours to read regularly, it is always a treat.

(I'm about to go bask again in the light of the flowers in your latest post. Really makes me think that spring might reach us this year!)

Julia, thanks! I read yours regularly, it brings back such good memories of the week we spent in Prague. Europe sure has had a cold winter, hope spring comes soon!

Happy blog birthday, twice as long as me. You were one of my first regular blogging friends and still one of the best. I think the people it really suits will go on doing it just as well as ever, some will drop out but others will come along.

Let's hope we meet for real one day.

Lucy, thank you. I still remember when you started your blog and how I loved it right away, and still do! I too hope we meet in person one day!

I've been blogging only for two and a half years and it took most of that time before I met you. I love the environments people establish for themselves and the fact that blogging allows time for creativity to develop. I hope you'll be here much longer since yours is one of the loveliest sites I know.

Susan, exactly! I do think of my blog as another creative endeavour. I really need to update my 'gallery' and write some long overdue posts on rock art. And thank you so very much for your kind and generous words about it!