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exquisite tiny treasures on the beach
like fallen wings
captured by camera only
burnt into my memory

Marja-Leena | 23/02/2008 | 11 comments
themes: Nature, Photoworks


The good lighting plays up the objects so well. That's an amazing pelvic stone.

May I refer you to my daughter's Flickr blog:

The beaches she photographs are on Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron.

These are the special treasures of the beach!! Thanks!!

Sea-carved shell on sand,
Sparkling crystals, stars and shadows:
White wings spread to fly.

Anna, yes, the low light of the setting sun was perfect for taking lots of photographs. Pelvic... yes, I see that, though wings were what came to my mind, and it's really a tiny piece of shell.

Peter, amazing coincidence in the feather shot! Thanks for sharing.

Joan, thank you.

Joe, lovely poem, so much better than my feeble attempts, thank you!!

Perfectly balanced little trio; the last one looked to me like a tiny pelvic bone too.

Lucy, thanks for dropping by, ever so faithfully!

Wonderful. Perfect and exquisite in themselves and as photographs. And a delight to think of these hoarded forms percolating in your consciousness and maybe one day being part of a more complex art work.

Thanks, Jean! Percolating somewhere and possibly reappearing transformed certainly sums up a lot of my experiences. I've certainly 'hoarded' many photos on this trip, but brought home only one small stone this time, and no shells. I was tempted by these, but their specialness had to do with the setting and light.

Glad you like, Leslee!