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Falling behind as I am with my blog posting here, I offer my faithful readers a little sneak peek at what is currently keeping me very busy. This is a section of a work in progress for what I hope will be the next Fragments print. It may still change, so, onward!

Marja-Leena | 08/11/2011 | 10 comments
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Forward in all directions.

It is interesting how you are using your layers, not only as presented, but that by using the hemp or jute (sorry, I cannot remember which it is) as a straight scan it leaps out as THERE - whereas the print of the hand fades even further back because it is the print of a hand. The reality of the fibre seems to demand more importance for itself, which makes me think about its possible symbolisms more.
All thought provoking stuff. I'm really curious to see the whole.

I'm falling behind too without the benefit of being able to say I'm working on something sure to be extraordinary.

Make what needs to be made.

Zhoen, that sounds like spinning around in a circle, which is actually how I feel sometimes :-)

Olga, you have noticed a detail that I'm still working on, trying to decide if I should make the string ( sisal possibly) less dominant. You'd have to see the whole image of course, and it all might change a lot yet. Glad you find it thought provoking, as I do too.

Susan, sometimes those ideas may be working in the back of your mind and will burst forth when the time is right, so don't feel bad. I take numerous photos and scans over time. Later on some of those might jump out at me as I get back to work after a long absence from the studio.

One aspect I particularly love about the Fragments series is the limited palette(s) you have used.

Looks superb as it is, I love that flash of red. Happy making!

Lovely colors. Curious about that zingy bit of red...

So beautiful. And the hand in the previous post as well. I, too, love a bit of red.

Looks exciting, Marja-Leena -- I love that red hand-print! Good luck with it.

Olga, you think I use a limited palette? My palette used to be more so when doing traditional printmaking.

Lucy, Marly, Anne, Beth - thanks for your comments and encouragement. I've just spent several hours at the studio working on this some more, and I'm very excited. I have booked the printer for a week from now, so if all goes well, I will be showing that to you. That red is indeed amazing out of that printer!