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It is snowing here! Will be back with photos tomorrow, I hope.

I love the snow, but not everyone does.

Marja-Leena | 25/11/2006 | 3 comments
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Is that what that white stuff is all over everything? I once enjoyed snow for recreation and for the panoramic view it gives to the landscape. Now, I dread the thought of seeing white everywhere, and the brutal cold -30 C adds a lot more to the heating and electrical bills. I'll bet Lap-Land is glimmering this time of year eh! There's beauty in almost everything on earth -just don't blink or you'll miss it.

Oh could you send some to Pennsylvania!!! Don't want a foot just an inch or two would be fine. Look forward to the pictures!

Roger, those temperatures do take the pleasure out of winter - brrr!! I still remember those kind of winters in Winnipeg and northeast BC. We've gotten soft out here on the West Coast. But how would you like more than 100 mm. of rain in three weeks?

Cathy - a few photos are now up and I'll try my best with the weatherman!