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First snow at sea level arrived this morning, beautiful, mesmerizing thick fluffy flakes falling for two or three hours but still too wet to build up very much, then quickly washed away by rain. The local mountains have been getting quite a bit over the last while and will be opening this weekend to skiers and snowboarders. Down here we may be getting more snow this evening along with high winds, hopefully not like the storms of winter 2006-07. With very cold (as low as -9C) and clear days and nights ahead, it would feel so Christmas-y if we had some snow stay with us.

Marja-Leena | 12/12/2008 | 15 comments
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Gorgeous image. Are the bulbs hyacinths?

We're getting +20cm of snow today and tonight, then it's supposed to get down to like -17 to -20C!

Herhimnbryn, thanks. These are paperwhites, a type of narcissi, coming up so fast that I hope they will still be in bloom for Christmas.

Wandering, that's very cold and a lot of snow! I know we are wimps here on the coast. We'd get some mighty cold winters in Winnipeg and northeast BC but after 35 years here, we've gone soft.

We've had a few flakes but nothing more! Today it was 50 and last week we had a day in the 60's interspersed with days in the 30s and 40's. No wonder so many people are sick!!

I fancy a bit of snow too! Our climate is so mild, it is just endless rain for christmas, with occasional frost but not often....

Joan, that warm eh? We've had a somewhat warmer than normal November but now it seems cold early.

Rosie, our climates sound very similar. Well, the wind and snow did not materialize tonight, sigh. The higher ground and the mountains, of course, did get lots of snow today but we're too close to sea level here.

What a great image! We are getting some chilly air here in Northern California, a fallout from your snowy weather.

Maria, so we've heard. Blame it on Alaska! We were chatting with sister-in-law in Palm Springs. Other sister-in-law from Victoria and niece from Vancouver are heading down there for Christmas and are not happy that it's not going to be HOT. Last Christmas was cool too - what's happening to California's warm winters?

Oh, just chatting to sister-in-law in Victoria - there's tons of snow there! While she's not happy about it, I'm envious.

Beautiful! A friend just emailed me saying how certain Indians used to group peyote plants together so they could talk and sing and play music to each other. Your photo reminds me of this!

Natalie, that is an interesting story, and I think there's a lot of truth to that. Thanks for dropping by and sharing it!

I love this picture! I force paperwhites nearly every year . . . it is so exciting to watch them shoot up! I have some blooming right now, in fact.

Bee, thanks, they are wonderful to have this time of year.

BRR. That window looks exactly like my cousin's. She lives in Vancouver too.
I love the smell of narcissis, though it can seem almost too strong indoors.

I for some reason can't comment on the Virkkula video. But thank for so much for finding it. I loved it.
My Mother in Law had some of those bowls, but I also did not know who had designed them.
What an inspiration!

Hattie, welcome! Thanks for your visits and comments. I've had a quick visit over at your blog and will be back - I think you live in Hawaii? Interesting that you have family here, and I noticed you've blogged a bit about our strange Canadian politics!

Yes, narcissi can get strong so I tend to sometimes stick it into the solarium which is kept closed from the indoors in cold weather, and we can still enjoy looking at it.

Sorry, I'd turned off the comments on the Wirkkula post because it was getting an unusual amount of spam. I usually do that with older posts for that reason, but why this one attracted so much, I don't know. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and found the info useful too.