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snowy Sunday


As I promised last night, here are a few of our more interesting snow photos taken this afternoon on our walk to the park and around our garden. Though there was not much snow yet, even that little bit painted each fine and broad branch beautifully, transforming the world into a peaceful wonderland.


This morning we went to the Scandinavian Centre's annual Christmas Craft Fair. We found some delightful handcrafted toys for the grandchildren and some favourite traditional Finnish baked goods. It was less crowded than usual, probably because many people did not want to drive in the snow.

While some areas have received as much as 30 cm of snow this weekend, our area close to sea level has not had that much yet. But the temperature is dropping below freezing, the wind is blowing and it's still snowing heavily. By morning the commute to work may be difficult. Husband thinks he will take our car instead of cycling, his usual mode of transportation, while I'll be working at home.


The craft sale, the walk and photographing all this white loveliness has put me in the mood for Christmas, in a mellow and happy way, without the pressures of a commercial season.

Marja-Leena | 26/11/2006 | 9 comments
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Wow! That first one would look amazing on a Christmas card. The third one as well, with a bit more colour saturation.

I've been taking photos all the time and shall have to post a few soon.

Vancouver Community College campuses are closed tomorrow, so the same is probably the case for mine, but regardless, I'm not taking any risks! I'll feel less guilty if it IS closed, but I tell ya, there is at least 8 inches of snow out there and it's still coming down. Blowing like crazy. Wouf!

Thanks, Erika. Funny you should mention Christmas cards as I was thinking about that today as I searched for photo possibilities. I wasn't happy with that last photo and went back and tweaked it a bit more. So many came out looking almost black and white today.

It's still snowing here, though lightly now. I'd say we have about 3 inches on our deck because it keeps melting a little. The trees and shrubs are getting weighed down a lot by this wet snow. Tomorrow shall be interesting.

Looks lovely. Yes, very Christmasy. Here I think it's going to be in the upper 50's F today. Not very Christmasy! Not that I'm complaining. Enjoy your winter wonderland!

Leslee, thanks for taking time from your busy work schedule to visit and comment! Strange weather patterns - unusually warm on the east side of North America, and exceptionally cold out west. Today, I've read that many records for cold and snow have been broken and it's getting colder (-11C or around 12F, I think). I must bring in my pots of bulbs and winter pansies for the nights. I'd rather have this weather at Christmas time - it'll probably be green and rainy. So enjoy your warm spell, Leslee, while it lasts!

Ages ago we lived for several years in the Peace River region of northeast BC. Here's their forecast for today: "Periods of snow. Amount 2 cm. Wind north 30 km/h. High minus 28C. Extreme wind chill minus 47C. Frostbite in minutes."

I feel sorry for the northerners and cannot really complain about the cold and snow down here in the usually balmiest corner of Canada. It won't last long.

That's cold!!! The coldest I've experienced was in the States in February. It was incredibly windy and incredibly cold, although I can't put a number on it. Brr!

Erika, you've never lived in a cold climate. Until you've spent at least one whole winter on the Prairies or in the North, you don't know what winter is. I will never forget it, having spent my first 27 years in winter climes. I think I'd find it tough now.

Oh, I love that first photo! Scrumptiously tangled roots and their forms are just accented by the snow.

MB, thanks, it's one of my favourite shots too.