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Here's something fun in honour of the World Cup finals this weekend, from - "The World Cup, globalization, and cultural representations in the form of soccer balls!"

Togo, Ecuador, and Australia have the most beautiful designs, imho. Which ones do you like (favourite teams aside)? And speaking of teams, I'm rooting for Germany tomorrow, and Italy on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

PS - Have a look at this example of soccer mania and a guide too! Thanks to Leslee for sharing the link in the comments below.

Marja-Leena | 07/07/2006 | 4 comments
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It's difficult to pick out favourites, so many of them are beautiful, but I whittled it down to Iran, Tunisia, Japan & Ecuador. Germany today, France tomorrow!

Hi dem and welcome! Tervetuloa! Aren't all these soccer balls are a wonderful touch of art and culture in the world of sports?!

Ah, those are beautiful. I love the Ecuador one and also Brazil.

Have you seen this?

Everyone I rooted for lost!! I think France is likely to win, though, having seen them play. But who knows?

Thanks for the great link, Leslee!! Enjoy the games.