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South Nevada rock art, part 4

Below are several more of guest contributor Loretta's amazing photos of petroglyphs from the Grapevine Canyon near Christmas Tree Pass - please visit part 3 for the information.






Please see also part 1 and part 2 of the series if you missed them.

I want to thank Loretta for so generously sharing her fantastic photos here. I look forward to possible continuing collaborations in the future when she may have more to show us!

All photographs © Loretta

Marja-Leena | 26/05/2010 | 5 comments
themes: Rock Art & Archaeology


Marja-Leena: The photos reproduced beautifully, thanks to your expertise!

Wow! Ancient graffiti!
I tried to enrol on a stone carving course at The British Museum, alas it was fully-booked but there's nothing to stop me from drawing some designs, is there?

Julie, yes, these ones particularly look like graffiti to me too! Pictographs would definitely be much easier to do - just be careful where you do it so you aren't accused of defacing :-). I keep thinking of trying one on a certain rock in my garden...

Graffiti - because this area is so accessible to the public, it may be that some markings have been added in recent years. The NV Rock Art Foundation has studied the area recently and will publish a report in the near future. It is a fascinating place! Thanks for your interest.

Loretta, thanks for taking the time during your vacation to drop in and comment! I look forward to the Foundation's report.