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A few days ago I wrote about the endangered rock art of Nine Mile Canyon in Utah. One of the links for sites of images was that of Doak Heyser. While browsing elsewhere, I found a link to Heyser's Southwestern US Rock Art Gallery, which includes the Nine Mile photos. I also found John Campbell's Petroglyphs & Rock Paintings. These impressive galleries of numerous high quality photographs of some of the most beautiful artworks on rock have left me enthralled and awed and wanting to share them with readers - enjoy!

Marja-Leena | 28/07/2004 | 5 comments
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Hi Marja-Leena. Found your site on ThomasBrinson's
"and the various journeys continue". So glad he shared your site with us. I absolutely loved the photographs of the rock art, the flute players etc. Just wonderful. Thank you for bringing those photographs into this wonderful land called cyber-space! Kind regards, Frances Durler

M-L, I hadn't seen these and was blown away. I've always had a "thing" about primitive (for lack of a better term) art, anyway, not only because it forces me to pare back all those layers of intellectual veneer and "learned" ways of seeing, but because there is that incredible sense of immediacy between viewer and artist. Don't we all strive for that in our art? I was stunned especially by the strange animals in the Rochester creek panel - what were they? and what was the artist saying in painting them? Were they dreams? Each one is alive and beautiful.

Nice to meet you, Frances, and I'm glad you like these as much as I do! Come again!

Beth, you express my feelings exactly! I have been fascinated by the art of the ancients for some time, and believe they have a magic that contemporary art often lacks! Is it the spiritual connection they have to the earth and their ancestors?

Once again, you prove to be a master treasure hunter, and such a generous one, too! Thank you - I especially loved the Baja murals.

Anna, Thanks for writing in! It's amazing how one does find these things out of the blue! Sometimes I get so excited by what I find that I have to tell someone, tell the whole world!