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A gift suggestion list in this morning's spam mail:

accident insurance black-throated
long-wedded fog signal
dor bug
qualm-sick equalizing bar

Marja-Leena | 27/08/2006 | 3 comments
themes: Neat stuff


sometimes i laugh at the ones that make themselves so obviously spam. the subject went something like this: MR. CAMPBELL, LARRY COCA-COLA COMPANY something or other... and you can bet i didn't open it. i get those odd combinations of random words as email subjects, just two words that sometimes make my stomach knot. i'm getting quite fed up with them.

Do you read Crack Skull Bob? He uses some of his wackier spam mail phrases as drawing prompts sometimes - very funny stuff.

Erika, yes indeed, subtlety is not the spammers' strength. This one was a bit more unique though there's no question it's spam. I never click on the links either!

Dave, I do read Crack Skull Bob, ever since he did the Self Portrait Marathon. His spam inspired posts are hilarious, accompanied by his very clever illustrations.