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On this glorious sunny Sunday morning, all the more precious when sunshine has been so scarce this fall, I spotted a very delicate, very perfect silky spider's web outside one window. I asked my husband, a much better photographer than I am, to try and capture this ephemeral creation, so barely noticeable and quickly disappearing with the sun's southward movement. The photos disappointed but some photoshopping gave some interesting results, though still rather too delicate to show well on this other web.

I am quite envious of Dave's photos of spider webs.

And that reminds me, I'm pleased and proud that one of my favourite images, Footprints in the Sand has been published on Qarrtsiluni. It's a reworking of one that I posted here quite some time ago. If you are interested in submitting something for the current issue of this superb online literary and art magazine, the deadline is tomorrow.

Marja-Leena | 14/10/2007 | 11 comments
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The image shines out of this edition of qarrtsiluni!

Congratulations on 'Footprints' - it sits beautifully at the head of the series.

Tall Girl and Anna, thanks much.

Thanks for the kind words about my spider web pictures. I was pleased with them only after I switched to black and white - otherwise, they were too much of a visual cliché for my taste. As for the web showing up, the amount of dew, angle of sun, and presence of a dark background are all key.

I love having your image at the top of the page at qarrts, but alas, this morning I have to post something else. We'll have stuff five or six days a week for the rest of the month, but precious few images among them - I think the theme flummoxed a lot of artists and photographers.

Dave, you are right about all those aspects of having the web show up. When I first saw it, it looked fairly noticeable but quickly disappeared as the angle of the sun moved. Being high up in the air didn't help. Anyway, it was fun to try capture it. As for qarrts, it's always an honour to be included amongst such good writers. I had to think hard and long about that theme too! Great that you have had lots of responses.

Lovely image! I also love the image at qarrtsiluni. I hadn't seen it before - it's wonderful - looks like an ancient Egyptian frieze. Maybe it's the coloring.

Leslee, thank you. What I love about 'Footprints' is just that, that the pattern looks like an Egyptian frieze. The colour has been digitally saturated to enhance that effect.

I can imagine how challenging a shot this must have been. The result is very nice.

I really enjoyed your image in qarrtsiluni, Marja-Leena! I've hiked over many trails and beaches and been fascinated by the overlays of patterns. Your image brought back many lovely memories for me.

MB, thank you! I'm glad the image resonates for you. I've found the same thing in many of our walks and often wished I'd had the camera with me.

Liked that framed bit of the infinite sands, all stamped and engraved.

Marly, thank you for the wonderful description. I've glanced at your blog and bookmarked it for exploring - it looks fascinating, like a fairy tale.