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Hope you enjoy this, another of my scans, including these flowers.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to a busy happy day tomorrow celebrating my birthday.

Marja-Leena | 10/02/2006 | 18 comments
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Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope all your wishes come true

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful one!

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a wonderful one. Also, thanks so much for the previous post about your equipment and the links to your other posts on the issue of reproductions v prints. It really has helped me a lot!

Happy Birthday, Marja-Leena! I see you are an eclectic Aquarian. I love the spiral - what IS that??

Onnenkyyhky lentää
kaukomaille entää
onnenkirjettä kuljettaa
kirjeen kelle kantaa
onnen hälle antaa.
Kuka tänä päivänä onnen saa?
Marja-Leena tänä päivänä onnen saa!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

leslee, this spiral is an ammonite, or a cross-section cut of one. It's only 2cm. (.75") across, but I enlarged it in the scanning process. It's amazing, isn't it!? Is there some special meaning to being an "eclectic" Aquarian?

Sikuri - Kiitos hauskasta runosta! Oletko itse kirjoittanut?

Ah, just that all the Aquarians I know are eclectic in the variety of their friends and in their tastes.

Yes, the ammonite - amazing!

leslee - I like being called an eclectic Aquarian - thank you!

Se on vanha suomalainen onnittelulaulu! Muutit Suomesta pois ennenkuin opit sen, luulen.

Happy Birthday, Marja-Leena! Hope you had a chance to do nothing but enjoy your birthday!

Oh butuki, I'm always so pleased and happy to have you visit and comment! How are you?

Thank you, I did have a lovely day with my husband poking around an interesting part of the city with arts and crafts studio shops and a printmaking gallery, then a long walk along the seawall looking over the sailboats with the snowtopped mountains in the background. Then we had a lovely dinner with the family in a nice place by the water. No big splashy birthday parties for me!

Chris, thank you! It's nice to know you visit here, just as I enjoy your blogs!

I'm always last.

Happy Birthday Marja-Leena. I send you a poem
that I think you will like, with my very best wishes.

Choosing a Stone

The tide pulls back, leaving its cargo of stones
on the broad counter of sand.
A boy takes only black stones halved with a white thread,
like a parcel too private to open.
His mother gathers stones that mimic food:
two quartz eggs and a granite potato
and a loaf of bread with a cold crust.

This man hunts the white stones,
smooth as unblemished fruit
made, he feels, for his hand alone.
He picks one up, fingers a hairline crack.
Throws it back. This woman saves stones
on the verge of extinction. Thin as a cat's ear,
they shine like coins rubbed faceless
for luck, for safe crossing.

Nancy Willard

Anna, how beautiful and how appropriate to me and my passion for stones!! It really reminds me of all the beachcombing we did last month on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and friendship.

I'm so glad it was a good birthday, it sounded a lovely day. (Anna, you're not last!)

Thanks qB. And since when did they begin a competition to be the last one...heh heh?