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Marja-Leena | 06/02/2012 | 15 comments
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Okay, now you've done it. I'm jealous. Last year I never even saw a snowdrop and the crocuses didn't bloom until the end of March.

Still, I'm glad I was able to stop by to see them here.

Susan, this is to say spring WILL come! Are you missing the Portland springs? We've had a cold but not bitter winter, but the snowdrops and hellebores are later than usual. I'm pleased that these primula survived from last spring, the first time it worked for me.

Isn't it wonderful that this happens? That life will renew itself and the world will grow warm and green again?

(There seems to be trouble with the comment system retaining my information after I post. It never seems to remember my name, email address, and URL. Inputing it each time I want to comment makes for a somewhat frustrating experience)

Ah. We had presidential elections in stiff snow and wind. Temperature came up from -22 C to -5 C. Now there is still stiff wind but sun and -15 C.

Winter arrived here last month. Months and months until Spring here.

I remember cherry blossoms in Portland at the end of February.

Miguel, yes, it's the season of hope and renewal, isn't it?

I'm sorry about the commenting difficulties - I'm having the same problem. J. is still away on business and has not had time to look after it, or other little things that still need adjusting (and probably not as little a job to fix as they seem).

Ripsa, I have seen the news about winter's late arrival in Finland and other parts of Europe...brrr. For about a week we've had sunny mild weather, but the nights are frosty, as it often is when the skies are clear. You've had an interesting election there too!

I haven't seen any signs of spring in Seattle yet. We have had lovely but cold weather on this visit.

Hattie, you might find some of these flowers in private gardens, tucked in sheltered spots, especially the latter two. Hope you are having a great time in Seattle.

How lovely--nothing suggesting spring for us but some brave, bent hellebore stems and leaves.

Heralds of spring. Lovely.

Ah, a view of April! Here in Thunder Bay, that is...

Marly, your hellebores will bloom soon! Mine are just budding as you see.

zhoen, yes, thanks. I imagine your spring must be coming soon too.

Black Pete, your snowy scenes on the blog are lovely and remind me of Winnipeg and the north, but spring is a little way off there.

I take that as a promise!

Mine were just planted last year--transplants from the South...

Waaaaaah!! (But happy for you, and happy to see all these beauties. Resolution: buy a hellebore this year for my own garden!)

Marly, I dug up, divided and potted up mine last fall, and I'm surprised that it has buds. So there's hope.

Beth, I know I tease you every year with our signs of early spring. Today I was doing a little gardening, including pulling back the leaf mulch around these snowdrops and other green shoots of bulbs. I cut a little bouquet of snowdrops to bring indoors - such cheer! Yes, do get that hellebore. Mine was a birthday gift from a friend some years ago.

Then I shall hope.

Remarkable: we had blue skies and singing birds yesterday! Though today no birds and snowfall overnight...