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I'm distracted, in a nice way, by family including a daughter visiting from out-of-town this week. It was unexpectedly sunny today so we went for a walk to check for signs of spring. Here and there the green shoots of daffodils are several inches high. In my garden, the ever-faithful snowdrops have been blooming since Christmas and the hellebore has been opening its delicate blooms lately. In the park the English daisies are blooming on the lawns. Such a difference from the Interior where it's snowing heavily! Daughter mentioned missing the sea here though she loves the snow at her home.

As I'm writing this, I looked at last year's post about early spring to compare the flowers in my garden then. This year the crocus hasn't yet made its appearance in my garden, not enough sun!

Now a mystery question for you - what is the image below?


Marja-Leena | 30/01/2006 | 4 comments
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Bravely fighting the gravity!
Spring flowers ALREADY! How wonderful!

I think it's the lamp on the ceiling...and the mirror-image..:)

Must be one of the rings of Saturn, with recorded images from all the years of human media broadcast, here depicting a scene from a BBC gardening show. That Golden thing on the right is the long lost Ring of the Nibelungen (and there I was thinking one of the dark Elves had accidently lost it in the bathroom sink!). Still trying to figure out what that red hourglass is... a patch of Little Red Riding Hood's cloak, caught on a branch?

Sikuri - there are some blessings in the silver lining of heavy rain clouds that we endure and suffer! We've had a record 29 consecutive days of rain and possibly will break the record for wettest January in these last hours of this last day of this month!

Ikkuniines - welcome to my blog!! You are right! You have won 100 points! :-)

Butuki - Oh my, you have made me laugh so hard! This is so wonderful with all the different references - I can really see glimpses of a children's book author!

The red hourglass?... might that be the pale fuchsia flowers you are referring to? The other touch of red is a pelargonium.