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still here, too hot to think
enduring another heat wave
by keeping still
seeking cool corners
in these dog days

Marja-Leena | 17/08/2010 | 11 comments
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Oh I got behind on your blog. You are so kind to share your photos with your readers. The shapes and colors are so pleasing.
And we figured out how to keep our apartment cool. The hallway is airconditioned, and the vent is right across the hallway from our door. Lucky us! We have one of those long skinny fans, and we prop open our door and wedge the fan into it. It blows lovely cool air into our place. Even so, it's 77 now, because our apartment has two large west facing windows.Closing the blinds helps some.
But what is getting me is the bad air quality. I guess people don't notice it who live here all the time.

I have a special affection for blue flowers but I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's their rarity where I grew up.

We've had 6 straight days of temps in the upper 90's but the cool breezes arrived as promised thus evening. At least the NOAA can get the weather predicting close these days even if they are telling people the fish in the Gulf of Mexico is now safe to eat. Maybe one day they'll get more things right.

A lovely picture again:) keep cool!Ps. Learning more English: dog days!

Hattie, how lucky for you that your fan trick worked! We get smog here, worst in the valley when it gets very hot, and the fires up north are making it worse. We've been talking about getting more window coverings but there's so much glass and we have east and west exposure. This house was designed to maximize light in the rainy seasons!

Susan, you've finally had your heat wave, eh. Last night cooled down a bit here and it's cloudy today with forecasts of some rain tomorrow, so I'm feeling better.

Arle, I was just reading in HS International about your record heat wave of the century. Isn't 'dog days' a weird expression?! Do you have something similar in Finnish?

More excessive heat, poor you. It's cool and damp here lately, which is fine with me. The heat elsewhere in Europe, and Russia (!), as well as in parts of North America, is way beyond worrying. Great photo, though - the dry, hairy quality of the foreground petals and the blurred background evoking the smog you speak of.

Young people nowadays say, "cool", as indication of approval. The photograph and the words are cool, M-L.

Jean, thanks. It has cooled down and is now a bit drizzly. Shocking in a way is the dull light, a warning about the coming long dark days of fall and winter. The drought here is bad too with all the forest fires. Northeast BC rivers are very low and water use is quite restricted. Worrying, indeed...

Joe, thanks so much for the 'cool' appreciation!

Hi Marja-Leena,
In Finnish we have an expression "Dog´s Weather" ( koiran ilma) meaning bad weather. Then again we have Cat´s Days ( kissan päivät ) meaning good, lazy days. Funny, these expressions in fact.
And yes, we have had a long, hot summer! Right now it is sunny, warm and nice; I love the Finnish summer as it is right now!!

Arle, kiitos, thanks for the Finnish expressions. I've heard kissan päivät but not the other. Hope you keep on having nice warm weather as fall comes!

so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this photograph. Hope all is well with you.

Lainie, thanks, and all is well. Hope the same is true with you.