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Stonehenge & Manhattan

Here's a great link that I had bookmarked and forgotten about for a while: NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. They are truly incredible images that I wish I could claim as my creations!

What reminded me again of APOD was an entry by Pinseri (in Finnish) talking about Stonehenge and Manhattan in the same breath, so to speak. What is the connection? See this Manhattan sunset.

Stonehenge is very well known though I have never seen it in person, so this 360 degree view comes close, maybe even better since the site is now fenced in.

Marja-Leena | 30/05/2004 | 5 comments
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Beautiful star pictures! Thanks for bringing this site to my attention. As for the 360 degree Stonehenge - I found that if you hold down the left button on the mouse and move well away from the picture, you get the most awful queasy sensation on a really fast Stonehenge roundabout.

Thanks & you're welcome. We meet again, after taking over Anna's blog comments!

Maybe this queasy sensation is what the natives felt when they had too much mead, magic mushrooms or other enhancements during their spiritual events at Stonehenge! we have the digital version now!

The Manhatten sunset is a terrific picture; it nudged me into remembering the opening sequence in '2001-a Space Odyssey'.

Stonehenge is sadly spoilt as an experience by the fencing off, you need that proximity to the stones to get the sense of place.

I fancy a monolith in my garden, it would look great and I could could pop out and do a bit of worshipping on hot summer nights.

Thanks for the Space odyssey link. I don't remember that, it's so long ago since I saw that movie...I only remember the terribly sad and empty feeling I was left with at the ending! I should look at it again sometime.

The monolith in the garden - what a great idea, maybe I should make one?

I hadn't read these comments when I blogged this inuksuk in my garden!

Lithically yours,