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Another one from this photo expedition

Marja-Leena | 25/08/2007 | 11 comments
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That's sorta scary, M-L.

Really, Dave? It's just a paint splattered floor with some metal rings from its previous incarnation. What are you seeing?

Those were likely two vertical pipes for water or something, perhaps radiator pipes, no longer needed when the building's heating was converted to another type. Sawn off at floor level and plugged with concrete, perhaps. Doubtless a nuisance at the time, but now, a somewhat bizarre memory of how the building was "permanent", reflecting the ethos of the times.

Thanks, Peter - You're right on the mark! Something about its 'archaeology', even though it's not very old, kind of sings for me.

I always like pictures of the world underfoot. I think you need a third...

Lucy, I think having a camera makes one LOOK more closely, don't you? You take wonderful photos. But, um... I'm not sure what you mean by 'I think you need a third..." A third world, a third eye, a third lifetime?

I have to agree with Dave... I saw the pic and first thing I thought was abandoned prison cell with used handcuffs on the floor... and blood-stains from scratching the floor with fingertips.

Depressing, I know... but keep the pics coming, very enjoyable.

Hmm, Daniel, that is depressing! Thanks for coming by.

Tall Girl, that's an interesting response - thanks!

No, I meant a third picture in the theme with this one and the one before. But the moss ones sort of complete the set...

Oh, I see what you mean, Lucy! There may be more...