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After a miserable spring and the coldest, wettest June ever, climaxing in a terrific downpour a week ago, summer has suddenly arrived with the heatwave from eastern North America. Afternoons are suddenly reaching 30C (86F)! Must. Not. Complain.

Marja-Leena | 09/07/2012 | 10 comments
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No white nor red was ever seen
So amorous as this lovely green...

Time to go read some Marvell garden and mower poems!

I never complain about the heat because I know that an upstate blizzard is never far behind.

It was 15 degrees lower today after weeks of above 100! We're so grateful for the relief, but didn't mean to send the high temps to you, dear Marja-Leena!

As another northerner who hates very hot weather I count myself lucky in finding a place where the summer temperatures haven't yet gone beyond 80 (er, 27C). By the time the outside temperature is in the range of my normal body heat I've become one very uncomfortable woman who doesn't move willingly from in front of a large fan.

Still, we know the rains will return and in the meanwhile your garden is looking very happy indeed. Do I see red currants?

Yes, you live surrounded by jungle!

Leo, my husband, came a bit more than week ago from Oregon, and said that May AND June were cold. He went around on bike and busses and narrow trailed trains (not sure what you call them over there, they don't exist here), but ended up soaked only once.

He's so thin, that he manages to go in-between the raindrops...

And here, first rains for weeks, and before these one week of warm, about 25C, now only 16 C., so this might be a cooler summer than most recently.

I have a lot of photo's of huge trees, godawful huge gulls and mountains.

I am surprised that it got so hot in Vancouver. Here on Lummi the hottest it has been is about 76, and that only for a few hours. I guess that's because its surrounded by water. I wish you and Fred would stop down here to see us if you get too hot!

(Hey, I think I'm signed in!) Look at those gorgeous currants! I'm sorry if you are still suffering from the heat - it's miserable here - but clearly your plants are thriving. I hope it's a wonderful summer for you out there on the other coast.