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the tomatoes are growing, golden nuggets almost ready
the first cucumber was delicious, many more awaiting
little baby peppers are appearing like magic
local sweet strawberries and raspberries for dessert
a huge full strawberry moon tonight
it must be summer

Marja-Leena | 26/06/2010 | 10 comments
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All looks deliciously promising, and your scanned prunings are a treat!

Lovely to hear about your meetings with Beth and MB, I'm glad she's well, I still miss her. Montreal seems a real haven for the senses.

Keep on enjoying summer.

Lucy, thanks for all the positive comments! Summer will be good, and I hope yours is too!

Those veggies look like they'll be delicious. Ours our still flowers but coming along. I'm hoping for a crop of tomatoes by August!

Mmm! You beat me to it, Marja-Leena. I have some green onion garden shots almost ready to post. Is that a regular cucumber or the English kind?

Julia, the early varieties of tomatoes are coming along but it's the cucumbers that amaze me how quickly they're growing. It's a new bush variety that will grow in pots which I think will be a regular part of my seed order. Admittedly my plants all started flowering while still in the solarium so that gave them a head start while waiting for the weather to warm up.

R, look forward to your photos! I only have perennial chives in the onion department, as I grow most veggies in pots. This is a regular cuke, but of a new bush type, not English. I usually buy the latter but this seed intrigued and I'm pleased it tastes mild and sweet so far without bitterness.

Wonderful! At least you must be getting enough sun for these to grow. Last year it was so wet and cool in New England that tomatoes did very poorly. We're having a better year this year, so far. At rather a bit too hot and humid for June, though.

I am so envious! I just got my veggies started, and the weather is not helping. Those are the best, most advanced looking tomatoes I have seen. Jerry is building me a greenhouse, so next year I hope to do better.

Leslee, it's only been warmer the last couple of weeks, sometimes a bit too much so for me. A lot of the tomato flowers did not set earlier, so there's not quite the abundance I'd like yet, but hopefully the summer will be good to us. It really is important to have short season, early varieties here in Vancouver with our cooler nights, I've learned.

Anne, it really does help to have a place to start some of the veggies earlier so you will love the greenhouse! How lucky you are to have Jerry!

I've lived for 16 summers in a place that's likely one of the best gardening environments in North America but I've never had a garden of my own. For 7 summers we did have a very large balcony and pots filled with fuschia and lotus vines - a hummingbird garden that was really appreciated. Your pictures of tomatoes and cucumbers look wonderful and now I hope Nova Scotia will provide me a garden plot.

Susan, I do hope you find some place to have a garden, perhaps even a community one in your next hometown!

I could not imagine living anywhere without some garden! When we were just married we lived in company housing, a row house but even there I had a modest patch of summer flowers in front and back, the only colour on the block! Since then we've been homeowners with gardens. Our current home of 26 years is full of trees, shrubs and flowers but generally too shady for a big vegetable garden so I use pots a lot on sunny decks and patios.