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a walk in the garden, looking through the glass of a macro lens

Marja-Leena | 28/07/2011 | 14 comments
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Loverly... funny how magenta and fire tones come to the fore as summer reaches its peak.

Marly, aren't you quick, I barely got this post up! I must tell you that reds are a favourite colour of mine. And today is truly summery and a bit too warm for this cool weather gal.

Oh, the first photo is wonderful in so many ways!

Talk about getting close up and personal :-) They are luscious.

Jean, I'm so happy you like it, it's my favourite here.

Susan, thanks, you are always so generous and supportive.

People who design with color need only look to nature, especially as captured here in your beautiful photos, for inspiration. I have always loved macro shots because they show what is hidden or easily overlooked.

Is this your 'magenta period' Marja-Leena?

Oddly enough I have been drawn to reds recently too
Is it something in the air do you think?

Martha, yes, nature is indeed the best inspiration (and not just for colour but also textures, which I love). And yes to macros for seeing very close. Thanks for dropping by!

Mouse, who knows, I've never thought of myself as having any 'colour' periods. Red and other strong colours have always been favourites, perhaps because they make one feel happy.


Hattie, thanks much!

With flowers so often the closer the better.

Joe, do you ever go around looking at your garden with a magnifying glass? Macro photography is fun for being a bit like that.

The first one is dreamy. The last picture is as if nature is extending its hand to meet the viewer's half way.

Anil, I had not thought of an extended hand...yes, thanks!