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these are the dog days
hot July, 36C last weekend
body and brain sluggish and dull
sleep deprived, lazy, unmotivated

open windows, catch a breeze
smells of distant forest fires, night prowling skunks
constant watering garden and self
craving rain, not even blogging
how did we do it last summer?

pleasure in bounty of fruit
pigging out and freezing for winter
own red currants and rhubarb, soon plums
local raspberries, peaches and blueberries
imported mangoes, cantaloupes and nectarines

family coming home from travels today
company coming from east next week
husband's old school friend and wife
not seen in three decades
what do Japanese eat for breakfast?

clean house
prune garden
prepare food
plan sightseeing

Marja-Leena | 27/07/2006 | 10 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Canada and BC, Home


The first four lines capture me now exactly!

36???!!! You must be in Alberta! Mind you, we're bad enough here with humidexes in the mid-high 30s.

Yes, Omega, I've heard about the long and intense heat wave in the UK as some of our family has been vacationing there. And you have water shortages too?

Peter, that's right, it's rare. The reported temperatures by the weather station usually gives lower temperatures because it's at the airport in Richmond, right by the sea. It gets hotter the further east or northeast you go.

It's not as dry here as Alberta or Sakatchewan. Speaking of which, I recall the many car trips we took across the prairies to Winnipeg in that kind of heat and dry winds, and without air-conditiioning! Sometimes we drove at night instead. So Thunder Bay area gets pretty hot, eh?

Yeah, the bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables makes it almost worthwhile, doesn't it?

What do Japanese eat for breakfast? Depends. I knew a guy who always ate toast with orange marmalade and rotted soybeans (natto) - which actually isn't as bad as it sounds, though I tended to skip the marmalade, myself.

Dave, yes! I forgot to add the tomatoes that are just turning red, and the basil ready for pesto! Thankfully today is much cooler as the next several days are also forecast to be.

Natto sounds better than your translation! I imagine the Japanese breakfast choices are as varied as everyone else's. Husband asked his friend, and they have had different choices over the years from porridge to the current favourite of miso soup, sometimes poaching an egg in it. One of my Japanese artist friends, married to a Frenchman, said her husband likes her Japanese style leftover vegetables from the night before, while she herself doesn't eat anything. Anyway, I think we'll go to the Japanese store for some miso for them.

Ah, miso soup sounds wonderful for breakfast - except when it's hot out! This is a nice list, perhaps I'll make one of my own. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the farm stand and get some fresh tomatoes and make gazpacho. Now there's a great hot weather treat. Hope things cool down for you...

Lovely summer summary. You are busy again, freezing and pesto-ing - you make me feel idle. I can't function in this humid heat - 31C today in East Anglia. We are promised storms tomorrow and then cool winds. Heaven on its way.

We have been having melon for breakfast - sliced into bowls & chilled overnight with a little ginger and lemon juice. That might go down well. Oh for the days when I'd just have black coffee and a ciggie - and a 20 inch waist.

Leslee, I agree soup's too hot. But it was cooler today and I had more energy to tackle some housework. It's amazing what a difference 25C makes compared to 30 or 35!

Anna, I've not been busy at all! Some things just have to be done, like when flats of berries are brought home. Fruit salad was on my mind, and the ginger sounds like a great addition, thanks! (A 20 inch waist is something I've never had even at my skinniest!)

clean house
prune garden
prepare food

You don't sound very lazy and sluggish to me! You must be a powerhouse when the temperature returns to normal.

Patry, that's a wish list! But it is cooler, thank the goddess, so I've accomplished some cleaning so far! Nothing like company coming to motivate one, don't you think? Otherwise summer really makes me lazy.