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the taste of homegrown tomatoes

Marja-Leena | 24/07/2011 | 11 comments
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Now that doesn't look so much like a Marja-Leena picture... except maybe those green ones. Interesting little patterns there.

it really is. with basil. even rubbing the baby leaves of each of these this spring put me in mind of summer x now if i would get round to making some more mozzarella, we'd have a feast!

I can just smell them!

How does Elisa make mozzarella? Does she have a buffalo?!

Marly, I know this isn't rocks or rusty objects, but I do post a lot of garden photos from time to time, though I try not to let it take over this blog!

Elisa, I'm disappointed that only one basil plant came up, must try sowing some more again. I sure hope we don't get the dreaded late summer blight on the tomatoes with this rainy summer we've had.

Lucy, I'll let Elisa answer that. She has made ricotta and yogurt from raw milk from a farm near her home in Sussex.

that is a basil tragedy. i aspire to have a basil glut and make pesto. though you can make pesto with nettles, too!

sadly, i have no buffalo. but freshly made cow's milk mozzarella is gorgeous. and easy once you get the hang of it. have a look here but scroll down to the comments for a revised recipe… i shall make it again soon and update the recipe to show the successful cheese.


There is hardly anything more wonderful in summer than fresh, ripe garden tomatoes.. or unripe ones fried. I can smell these too.

More wonderful you may be wondering? Cherries.

Elisa, thanks for this. I hope Lucy comes back. I did try a search on your blog for it without success. Wish you could make some here.

Susan, cherries, yes, and all the berries! I have lots of red and black currants in the garden right now, rather slow to pick as they are small but I encourage the grandgirls and their friends to eat them right off the bushes!

I also like pesto with spinach leaves and walnuts... or basil and pecans.

All my cherries were eaten by birds this year. Alas.

Marly, all this talk of pesto is making me hungry. I've only ever made it with basil, should try the spinach (or nettles if I can find some nearby to forage...) Sorry about your cherries, that's like our filberts feeding the squirrels who leave nothing for us.

Oh I wish I could paint!
Your tomatoes would make a lovely water colour

Mouse, you could learn to paint, anyone can - how about a class? A friend of mine did that, just for pleasure.