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for Jack Layton
July 18, 1950 - August 22, 2011

Marja-Leena | 23/08/2011 | 18 comments
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exquisite. i'd wear the second one as a party dress x

Elisa, I'm glad you like these, and would love to see you design a dress like the second image.

Wonderful. That second photo does look like a dress.

This is a magnificent tribute. He will be sorely missed.

Hattie, thanks!

Susan, yes, it came as a bit of an afterthought while posting this, for Layton's death has been affecting me surprisingly deeply.

A lovely memorial. I had not heard of Jack Layton, being, as I am, here in the States, but I followed the link and am impressed, and sad that he is gone.

Anne, I always appreciate your interest in your northern neighbour. x

How absolutely beautiful, and how good to hear such good of a politician, a lovely tribute.

Lucy, thanks. Jack Layton was a good man indeed and it is amazing how people of all political stripes have come forth to honour him. So sad to have died so soon after his party's victorious win.

These are so beautiful, so poignant, so appropriate, Marja-Leena. Thank you.

Beth, thank you too!

Yes, beautiful tribute and pictures. They remind me of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings

Natalie, thanks, and yes, O'Keefe came to mind after I did these. Oddly though, I don't use flowers in my art work though I do grow and photograph them.

So lovely, Marja-leena. Such beautiful rhythms. You have a wonderful eye. Janet

Janet! Great to see you here and thanks for the kind words.

P.S. later: I just visited your lovely blog and see that you've mentioned mine with even more kind words - thank you!

these photos are luscious.... voluptuous yet innocent... perhaps the b & w does that. i went surfing the day Jack died... looking for pictures of him. there were many, many of them with his wife, Olivia.... and i came away thinking they must have been very good friends. they obviously continued to really like each other, without the indifferent tolerance that so often settles over marriages. though he'll of course be made more of in retrospect than he would ever have managed had he had a longer life, i do believe he was a fine man who deserves the accolades he's receiving. and i think Olivia probably knows that better than anyone.

gfid, welcome and thank you. I think I've seen you at some blog(s) that we both read... I too have noticed that Jack and his wife Olivia are together a lot and always look authentically happy. She must miss him terribly.

Now those are ethereal, marja-leena. A lovely memory-gift.