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"Attention! A thorough test of your memory has begun!"

She chuckles when she reads this message as she observes the hardware test running on her erratically behaving computer, which had been making her grumpy all day.

Marja-Leena | 01/11/2006 | 10 comments
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She passes the test, then?

Dave, she still wonders about that sometimes! As for She the Mac, she passed the memory test but not something else. There are still some strange problems which she has been chasing after for several months.

"...which she has been chasing after..."
...hence the spirals?? ;-) Ah, sorry to hear of your computer woes and hope that you're able to resolve the issues soon. I think I'd be chuckling, too — and ruefully so! — if my computer popped that message up.

Where is that image from? It reminds me of Celtic triskeles.

I forgot what we're supposed to test our memory on. Mind you, I often don't remember what I forgot. It's amazing. Still having trouble with that Big Mac eh! I emptied a zillion bits of trash from the Norton protected re-cycle bin, then did a defrag. I found a pile of these round things my wife calls CD's. She said to burn them so I thru them in the fireplace. I forgot what they're really for I think. Strange what 24 hours can do to a person's mind eh! I just know you'll get everything fixed - you've got oodles of talent!!

MB, thanks for the sympathy. That image is originally from a place in Italy, an old seaside castle that we came across that had traces of the Etruscans. In the courtyard we came across this design on the ground, done in stone. I have no idea how old it is, probably more recent because there were still people living on the castle grounds. I had taken a photo of it, later made an etching and this is a rubbing off that etched plate. What are triskeles?

Roger, hehee! Now I know you just had a birthday but that doesn't mean you left your memory behind! Hihii... Thanks, but my talents don't seem to be able to solve this annoying problem. All works well sometimes for a few days, then other times it constantly gets hung up and I have to keep restarting. We've tested and tried so many things and it's been going on for months. I suspect it's a damaged hard drive. Aargh!

The triskeles I remember are triple spiral shapes in Celtic rock and other art. It's one of my favorite shapes! They're also called triskelions, I guess, and appeared in other cultures as well, sometimes taking the form of three legs.

Triskeles generally:

The kind I'm most familiar with:

MB. thanks for the information and great links! Always something new to learn, like the word triskeles. The three legs spiral is rather unfamiliar to me. Oh, I love spirals too especially in the rocks of Newgrange and many sites like it! Strangely though, today I was adding a spiral on an image I'm working on, and I haven't done that for a while.

between this compelling image and visitors' input (now wondering how to pronounce triskeles) my first visit here has been quite powerful. thanks, naomi

Naomi, pleased to meet you and thanks for the kind words. I've just had a peek at your blog, which looks very interesting - I do love fiber arts.