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..... more images of glass circles for my image library

Marja-Leena | 08/11/2010 | 9 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


is it a finnish vase? and why are the finns so skilled with glass? is that a historic thing?

interesting to see how some of these objects are translating into your work. textural going on sculptural. have you ever tried scanning the weavings?


Looks suspiciously like an Iitala piece, M-L.

Elisa, it's one of the Iittala dessert bowls, scanned top and bottom. "Why are the finns so skilled with glass?" Good question! They are noted for design work in even humble home crafts, so it seems to me their aesthetic comes through in glass design as well.

I'm not sure yet how many of my scans will be incorporated into my work but I like to have the 'vocabulary' handy - my library is huge! I did use one of these in the recent piece I've just proofed. I've also been thinking of doing a series of straight photo prints of many of the scans I've done over the past few years.

As for the Finnish weavings, I've photographed parts of them over the years and they are scattered deep in the archives of this blog!

Peter, yes, indeed! I can tell you have Finnish things in your home.

Well, I'm glad there was an explanation because I was flummoxed and would have guessed paper weight. I'm sure the piece itself is lovely but the reflections you caught are wonderful.

Susan, I know, I like to tease my readers with hard to interpret images sometimes! I know you forgive me when the answer is revealed.

oh yes, i shall miss those at christmas.

Aren't these beautiful! Are all these themes going into some print work?

Quite right, M-L! Of course the most Finnish "thing" (read "person") in our home is my wife! We bought some Iitala items at Stockman's in Helsinki many years ago.

Leslee, as I mentioned one has been incorporated into a print almost finished, and I hope to fit in one or two more of these glass circles in another two prints I'm working on at present. As for the others, I don't know yet, I just like to have these as part of a library to select from as the need for just the right image arises.

Peter, yes, I remember! Most of my Finnish glass has been given to me as gifts from visiting Finnish relatives and there are a few inherited from my mother. I treasure them!