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Marja-Leena | 17/11/2010 | 2 comments
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Silk screen print? When I was young I lived in a commune of art students. One of them took up making printed cloths, and as we had an old school in our use, we did have space, but the stuff that was needed for taking the wax off from the cloth, make an awful smell in the whole place.

Luckily the textile student got then soon some other work place. Finding studio places is very hard. And we were in Hlesinki that did have old warehouses and stuff, only the property owners asked far too high of rents for a poor art student.

Hei Ripsa. This is a batik, from somewhere in SE Asia I think, a gift of tablecloth and napkins. Years ago I used to teach it and make some things myself. I used boiling water and an iron to melt the wax off. Your student friends may have used some kind of solvent. Certainly the issue of studio spaces at low rent seem to be a challenge in every city.