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What does an insomniac artist do at 3 am instead of sleeping?
Scanning and blogging. Might as well be creative, eh.

Marja-Leena | 14/03/2010 | 7 comments
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Amazing textures and colors! Like hardy, sun-bleached and work-cured skin.

Isn't that the truth! My cat, nocturnal creature that he is, often keeps me company when I'm up at all hours. The braided rope isn't clear on the 2" screen of my Nokia, but that seems to add a touch of early-morningness. I like the angles and your cropping choices, Marja-Leena.

What a beautiful thing! I shan't ask what it is, that would destroy the mystery...

Ahh, the simple yet oh so elegant weave of grass fibres. Have you ever noticed the similarities between the Nordic and Japanese cultures?

Maria, thanks. What an astonishing comparison - skin! I love hearing what others see, how differently we see...

rouchswalwe, glad you like! Nice to have a cat for night time companionship, and to keep each other warm. I've taken to wearing handwarmers at night if I'm at the computer!

Lucy, I'm glad you like to keep the mystery.

Susan, fibres are fascinating. And yes! I've noticed a strong similarity!! As have a few of my Japanese friends.

I'm more and more "into" your work.
Have you made any art books or books of photographs?

Hattie, that makes me happy. Funny you should ask, I did do a bit of a book a while ago that I still haven't put up in the gallery! And thoughts of more certainly have been floating around in my head.