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yesterday: rain, melting snow, flooded streets
this morning, sunshine; this afternoon, more rain?
heavy clumps of snow falling off trees and roof edges


still deep white yards, snowbanks, tracks on roads
tilting snowmen, carrot noses pointed to sky
broken tree branches, twisted half-buried shrubs


I stay home and enjoy the light and beauty

Marja-Leena | 28/12/2008 | 13 comments
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You know, it's been thawing and freezing and so on now about a month, and no end to it. In Vaasa, Finland. I don't remember when last, maybe couple of years ago, we had maybe a week of winter in February.

But yes, the Christmas was white, temperature about -2-3 C. You must have truly fine light over there. I can't really imagine. What was again the latitude? Ours is exactly 63 degrees.

Hi Ripsa, I'm still very surprised that Finland's usual winters seem to have disappeared, especially north of Helsinki. We are at about 49 degrees here, with sunrise at 8:11 am and sunset at 4:17 pm. Usually it's rainy or very cloudy and quite dark so having snow makes everything so much brighter even at night! But you know that. Apparently Portland, Oregon where you lived for a while I think, was very heavily hit by these snowstorms.

Beautiful photos Marja-Leena.

I found your site through AMouseInFrance.

Britt-Arnhild, thank you. I've looked at your lovely blogs many times over the past years, also through our mutual friend Mouse! I think I may have commented once for I enjoy reading about your Norwegian culture and finding similarities to the Finnish.

These made me shiver with delight. The top one escpecially.

The beauty of snow (and you know how very much I adore it) is that sooner or later it melts and so we are reminded that nothing in life lasts forever and that we should make the most of ever moment that we have, especially the snowy ones!

Marja-Leena, all the best to you for the holidays and for 2009! Your photographs have been so lovely lately - they always are but these snowy icy ones especially - and I'm very glad your family all arrived safely. Enjoy these precious days together! And thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful posts and companionship throughout the past year.

Joe, glad you enjoyed the shivers!

Julie, capturing those very ephemeral moments with a camera is a great way for me to make the most of the moment, and then to share it here with such an appreciative audience, like you - thanks!

Beth, thank you so much for all your kind words, appreciation and wishes, now and all year! I'm so grateful and happy to have your friendship. Happy New Year to you and J!

Wonderfully spare, elegant pictures. I like the last one especially.

(I also enjoyed Lael's story again!)

Happy New Year ML!

Lucy, you inspire me with your great photos and subject matter so I'm very pleased that you like these. And Lael's story! Happy New Year to you too!

I love the images you have provided - especially those optimistic carrots!

"Enjoy the light and beauty." I can't think of a better New Year's resolution. Wishing you every blessing, my friend.

Olga, glad you like, and I like your phrase 'optimistic carrots'. I wonder if they are still somewhere under the snow?

Patry, how wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for the wishes, and the same to you, dear friend, as well as good health, joy and creative abundance!