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the bowl breaks (3)




I love the more abstract images where one doesn't know what one is seeing... just enjoying the shapes, textures and tonal variations.

the promised links to other 'breaks' (oh my, too many!):
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Marja-Leena | 09/09/2012 | 8 comments
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The top photo here is something special, I think. It feels like a complete work.

Such lovely textures here. Despite everything, I am sure that everyone in your house must get a little excited when a dish slips out of someone's hands!

And I loved seeing those hazelnuts from your yard that you've posted below. I had no idea that they wore little dresses.

That first one is hard to compass--I have a hard time figuring out more than the decorative raised pattern. Catching at meaning and form but not quite possessing it...

And the second looks like an archaeologist's work tray! Third looks bony again.

More than anything else the first and the third of these extreme close-ups remind me of foci for meditation where the idea is to observe but not objectify.

We've had many breaks too - the most recent victim here was my mother's favorite teacup. Now I wish I'd taken their pictures but I'd never match your artfulness.

Olga, I like that one very much too, thanks.

Jodi, dishes slipping out of one's hands is not a pleasant thing. Did you see the first post about this which explains that this bowl broke in shipment from the UK to here? And I'm glad you enjoyed the hazelnuts - with dresses, how clever!

Marly, I did warn that these are quite abstract. Interesting to think of these as archaeological.

Susan, foci for meditation - I like that. Makes me feel like that's what I do behind the macro lens. You mother's favourite teacup would have made great photos, in anyone's hands, or maybe scanned if you have a scanner. Try it sometime.

Am not complaining! The first is my favorite...

P. S. Like the other broken things, especially the "broken" and the "reflections in broken glass."

Marly, thanks for revisiting these, am glad about your 'likes'.