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Or, the ex-butter dish. I still have the little pitcher. Both were made by a local potter long ago and were gifts from my husband.

Other 'breaks' featured on these pages (this is getting embarrassing):

a broken bowl

another broken bowl

reflections in broken glass

broken glass ornament

Marja-Leena | 01/03/2009 | 20 comments
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A friend of mine would love these bits and pieces for her mosaic work! Maybe someone is trying to get you interested in that!!

That picture is really about loss, isn't it? Only tonight I learned of a friend who has cancer, and another whose marriage has just broken. This, in my small island community of a very small island. The blue fragments are very beautiful and very sad.

That first photo is particularly striking, with the one shard's resemblance to an ear.

This time my lips are sealed.

Ihana sininen väri, hienot kuvat!

Joan, I am saving these in the event that I'd have some use for them in some art work. Maybe I have to take up some mosaic work myself or if I were to meet a local mosaic artist I'd ask her to make a little table top for me.

Anne, yes, I can see how that meaning comes across for you at such a very sad time. Have been enjoying your blog very much!

Dave, hey I didn't see the ear until you mentioned it!

Barrett, how unlike you!

Anita, kiitos paljon sanoista ja käynnistä! Aina mukava kuulla suomalaisilta.

Last night, I broke a full bottle of French red wine--that we had just purchased at a silent auction at the local NDP gathering. Drat!

We've all broken lovely things - you just saved more of them! They have their own beauty in shards, like a mosaic.

Peter, how sad! Did you get a photo of the red stain on your tablecloth or carpet? Just kidding....

Leslee, yes, I've gone nuts taking photos or scans of the craziest stuff.

rouchswalwe, yes, that I am on this one! Haven't heard that word in years...

Me either ... that's why I couldn't resist with it being a butter dish and all!

How absolutely stunning! Those are my favourite colours and the textures make them into something magical. Wonderful photos.

Why do bowls break one way and not another? What are the stresses on them?

Natalie, thanks! It is indeed a gorgeous blue, though blue isn't my favourite colour.

Hattie, a very interesting question....

This has spurred me to think of broken things . . .

My friend, whose house burned last week, broke a wineglass on our stairs. There is still a stain -- I would like to say blood-red (sounds more poetic), but it is a faded sort of maroon-gray.

Bee, your friend's house burned down - that's a break of a major kind! Wineglasses don't matter, though stains may. Hope you can get it out.

Hmm, I begin to worry that you might start breaking things for artistic reasons...

Lucy, that made me laugh! No, I don't think I'm quite that crazy yet...

Ya klutz! :-P