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looking east*


looking north*

Some areas of southwest British Columbia had their first snowfall of the season late yesterday! No snow in our area though, sadly, as we're probably too close to sea level. This morning had its rewards though.... Seeing the snow-topped mountains outside our windows puts me into the holiday spirit as I begin writing letters.

(*Dang all the power cables obstructing the views! At least you can tell this is still the city.)

Marja-Leena | 27/11/2007 | 7 comments
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The views are pretty, Marja-Leena.
We have not got any snow either, although it was announced on the news.
Frankly, I do not miss it. Driving to work on snow is cumbersome.

Snow is so exciting in the view because it lights everything up. I quite like the wires in your view east - they make dramatic play with the fire in the sky.

Olivia, thanks. I don't like driving in it either, but it sure makes the world beautiful!

Olga, yes, it brightens up everything, especially the dark nights. I think that's what I miss about living up north or the prairies.

Great picture, the first one, I agree with Olga, the powerlines adds something to photo.

As for the second one, well you can call it a crack in sky.

So beautiful!!