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At Pericat, a blog that I enjoy looking at as well as reading, I noticed a link for the Kalevala. My curiosity made me write in and inquire "how come?"

Pericat wrote a beautiful and moving response as an entry on her blog: Of the Folk about how she loves story - "That is folk song, and folk tale. The story born of fancy and memory blended, with the rhythm of the triad, the journey, the discovery, the rebirth..."

Do read the whole entry for yourself as she has captured the mood and spirit of the ancient singing of the runes, as described in my entry on the Kalevala and the Lord of the Rings.

Marja-Leena | 23/02/2004 | 2 comments
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:) Nola gave one of Wade Davis' books for my birthday: the one on ethnobiology and the Amazon. I started reading it while we were camping, and then we came home and I put it down for a little too long. But now I am minded to get back to it.

My husband got one for Christmas a couple of years ago called "Light at the Edge of the World" that we both love. Finding this link about Davis and the Kalevala has also whetted my appetite for more! You might like to look at the current issue of National Geographic which has an article by him on NW B.C.