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Wow, this blog has been named a "thinking blog" by Peter - poet, writer, husband, father and spiritual guide extraordinaire of Another Country! I'm thrilled and honoured to be included in such good company, and especially pleased that Peter knows how to say my name right! (He's got help from his Finnish wife.)

So what's this "thinking blogger award"? Following links, I found it's a meme with a difference, to tag "Blogs That Make Me Think".

With much difficulty choosing only five from numerous worthy ones from my links list, of which many have already been tagged with this award, here's my list:

1. Beth of Cassandra Pages always presents beautiful, deeply thoughtful writing on culture, life and spirit, and is the author of recently published Going to Heaven.

2. Dave of Via Negativa is a quirky, humorous, and intelligent mostly nature-based writer, poet and photographer.

3. Natalie of Blaugustine is an inspiring and lively artist, fabulous illustrator and writer of graphic novels, most recently The God Interviews.

4. Hanhensulka of Dionysoksen Kevät is a Finn living in Brussels who writes with humour about culture and sometimes about Finno-Ugric studies (my favourite!) in Finnish.

5. Kris of about Archaeology provides a fantastic resource on one of my favourite subjects.

Participating is totally voluntary as I know some bloggers do not 'do' memes! If you choose to join in, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

(UPDATE: Apologies for any confusion if you visited earlier and now find that I've edited this post, deciding to take Dave's advice, per the comments below!)

UPDATE, May 2nd, a bit late: A big thank you to Lori Witzel, an artist, photographer and writer with a keen eye who blogs at chatoyance for also nominating me! I'm doubly blessed by this circle of bloggers.

Marja-Leena | 23/04/2007 | 15 comments
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How wonderful!
And I totally agree.
Your blog has provided me with inspiration and is the reason why there are a pair of prints of cave paintings on my stone wall next to the stove. I look at them often and admire their beauty and simplicity and the 'reaching out from across the centuries' more than I can say
All because of your blog!

Mouse, thanks for your kind words! I'm so pleased that you've got those prints of cave paintings! I'm sure they look lovely in your home, giving you pleasure.

Thanks, M-L: you do me much honor. "Mostly nature-based," yes, except for my fully automatic response of cynicism toward such things as "memes" that require a link back to their originator. I would encourage you to at least break the second rule, as Karen of Rurality wisely did:

Hey Dave, you're welcome! And that 'chicken story' is hilarious!! As for the meme linking stuff, I'm aware about the hits but I'm such a good girl... Hey, on second thought, I WILL remove that! You are right to be cynical about this stuff. However, I do appreciate folks writing nice things about me :-) Thanks again, Peter.

Hi Marja-leena, I finally decided to visit your blog (after seeing your wonderful entries on Mouse's blog from France). I actually still work the the company Mouse lovingly(?) refers to as The Beast.

What by the way do you do with your Rhubarb (since you mention ion MOuse's blog that you also have some)? I use ours to make Rhubarb Crisp, Rhubarb Crumble, and sometimes, preserves.

Hi B, thanks for visiting! I always enjoy my visits over at Mouse's place, and it's fun to meet others like you. You mentioned you've lived in Canada, in what part was it in this huge country?

Yes, I have some rhubarb though I wish there was more. I make rhubarb and apple crisp, sometimes a cake, but our favourite is "kiisseli", a Finnish dessert using fruit(s) cooked with some water and sugar and thickened with potato flour. Rhubarb with some strawberries are wonderful together, as are blueberries with some raspberries.

So many blogs to visit, so little time...

Lucy, yes, don't I know!

Marja-Leena, thanks very much, it's really an honour to be on your list. I agree with Dave about memes but can't deny the warm feeling of being chosen bysomeone who's work and outlook I respect so much.

Natalie, my pleasure, I do mean it! I admire your enthusiasm, humour, gumption, and creativity both on your blog and in your art work, and it all makes me think deeply about life. I'm so happy to have met you, thanks to blogging!

I stumbled across this eclectic potpourri after Technorati pointed me at posts linking to Natalie's "The God Interviews." I live across the Atlantic Puddle, so it's unlikely bookstores over here will carry her title anytime soon. I did try downloading it off lulu, but their checkout process is too funky on my browser.

Anyway, thanks for the links. I already favorited you. Do you read Finnish, by the way? What does he write about?

Thank You, Marja-Leena. I'll try and do some thinking;)

Kiitos vain sinulle, Hanhensulka! Minun ajatuksiahan sinun kirjoitukset kutittavat...

Ari, welcome! Are you in North America then? I'm sorry on Natalie's behalf that the Lulu download isn't working for you -it's worth the effort (I bought the book).

And yes, I read Finnish. For a taste of Hanhensulka's writing, you may wish to check out his English language blog, "target="_blank">Dionysian Spring.

I've bookmarked your blog too and look forward to checking it out!

To reply to Ari: thanks for your interest. You can order my book if you wish from Amazon UK - the direct link to it is on my site at:
Or if you prefer I can send you a copy myself. Write to me at:endapress AT blueyonder DOT co DOT uk

Marja-Leena, please excuse me taking up your space for this salestalk, I didn't know how else to reply to Ari.