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Looking southeast on a sunny and mild Sunday morning, 7th November


Looking northeast two days later (today) after a fierce rain and windstorm blew through around noon, after which some clouds lifted just enough to reveal a heavy dusting of snow on the mountains. It was decidedly chilly out this afternoon. Tonight's temperature is forecast to drop near freezing. There are still some unprotected plants outdoors. The days are suddenly too short. Winter seems too close. Does time seem to move faster when we're on the last pages on the calendar?

Marja-Leena | 09/11/2010 | 4 comments
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yes! the children ran back inside when invited for a twilight game of tag, and begged for mittens! i need to begin packing early in the day; by half past four i cannot find anything in the dark. x

This time of year always puts me on the quick downhill slope to the next birthday - an event I haven't had a positive reaction to since 1975 :-)

Your photographs always provide a sensible perspective.

The dark curve of mountain against the sky in the top photo is...I don't know what to call it....I find it thrilling.

Elisa, we're having similar weather then! After a cold clearing night, we are having a brilliant sunny day with blue skies and white topped mountains. Thankfully no frost yet, maybe tonight?

Susan, is your birthday late in the year? Then I can understand the feeling of time passing by tooo fast, eh.

Natalie, I wish you could come and visit and see all this with your own eyes, to see why we love living here. You lived in Vancouver many years ago for just a short time as I recall.