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Brilliant sunshine streaming in through windows
Blinding reflections off water
A mood lifter after days of cold stormy rainy

Visit to the dentist for cleaning and checkup
This view as reward, for it never bores
Now to the garden I go...

A reminder: our Institute Printmakers' exhibition at CityScape is still up, until Thursday, February 2nd. If you live in the area and have not seen it, please do visit. Here are a few photos from the opening.

Marja-Leena | 22/02/2012 | 9 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Canada and BC


Oh, how gorgeous.

Absolutely breathtaking shots, my friend. The west coast really is magical at every time of year but Spring is very special.

Zhoen, yes, it sure is.

Susan, spring is slow this year but when the sun shines it truly is magical. We both live in a maritime city and the water is special for us, isn't it?

It looks lovely. Enjoy your outdoors.

You have rendered me speechless with delight!

Wore my sunglasses today and felt inordinately pleased. Of course, it was for a long child-ferrying run, but still--

Hattie, thanks, I will.

Rouchswalwe, glad this delights!

Marly, now that is truly a sign of spring!

What a truly beautiful part of the world you do live in...

Lucy, yes, we're very lucky to have landed here after living in the Siberian winters of Winnipeg and northeast BC. Of course, the weather isn't always this gorgeous in February, today is is very cold and rainy but thankfully not snowing, at least in our area. A fickle February....