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'this place' #1


'this place' #1
archival inkjet print
48 x 33 cm. (19' x 13')

This also comes in a smaller version: about 25 x 20 cm. (10" x 8") and is called 'this small place'. It was one of three prints of mine that were accepted into the BIMPE VI exhibition last year. I recently received the catalogue - a most impressive publication!

Please also see these related works: 'this place' #2 and 'this place' #3.

Marja-Leena | 11/02/2011 | 12 comments
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Todella upea teos!

Layers of interest make you want to look deeper.

Kiitos, Taina!

Joe, that's good, thanks.

I too was thinking how it had a lot of depth, it's very appealing.

I love the layers and the colours, a fascinating print, Marja-Leena!

Lucy, Rosie and Leena, I'm glad you like this little piece and have kindly let me know.

It strikes me like a door to some intriguing memories to come. I wish that I could see it full size.

Intriguing and beautiful. I too wish I could see it full size. I love the naturalistic elements and the pretty colours in a work that's clearly neither naturalistic nor just pretty.

Olga, I love what you say about a door to memories to come. Yes, seeing the work full size is a different experience. What you see here is closer to the 'mini' print in size.

Jean, I love what you write about this too, thanks! I wish I had the bandwidth and the template to show my work much larger. Also, as you know I'm sure, works shown on a backlit computer screen sometimes appear lighter, brighter and with more depth than on paper.


Curious do ever look at these prints at another angle? like turning this one to the left, so the orange bar is on the bottom or 180 it. Or do have a fixed layout when you create it.

Cathy, interesting question! Sometimes I do turn things about, and I did with this little mini series, as you will see when I post the other pieces.