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Three Figures I


Veils Suite: Three Figures I
etching, drawing, watercolour (unique)
76 x 57 cm.

Drawing and watercolour was applied to the etching. It is a unique piece (one of a kind) but not a monoprint or monotype.

Marja-Leena | 03/05/2006 | 8 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


Wow! is my immediate reaction. What a difference a third head makes to the interaction. The background and the movement in the piece attract me too. Somehow it has much more impact after having seen the others of the Veils Suite. Mmm, I can see myself returning to this fairly often.

I shall be intrigued to see if you do make something of the W.Turnbull comment about heads.


Omega, thank you! Interesting reaction - I hesitated posting this one because I feel some parts of it to be less than successful. This is not a good photo and it's small and hard to see...but to me the watercolour "trails'' outside the etching are weak against the strength of the etching. The delicate nature of the watercolour is not in balance with the heavy etching.

But yes, I see your point about the three heads. The almost abstractness recalls Turnbull's comment - I wish I could say that I had read him back in 1989 when I did this series! There are a few more coming, and you and I we will be thinking about this, eh?

Bill, thank you!

It may be that the scale of the reproduction on your blog does not make much of the contrast between the watercolour 'trails' and the main focus. As it is, I find that the whole looks as if the main block is moving so much that it has spilled over. It is always frustrating that we get a mediated view - and yet as you said in your last post the web is such a fantastic blessing of our day.

Omega, I'm just pleased that you like the piece! I actually had a look at the original to check this feeling out. Maybe my feeling has something to do with the etching itself, which I wasn't happy with. I did do a small edition of it, then I used some of the colour trial proofs to make some unique pieces, this being the first one.

Yes, the web is a blessing - we would not be having this conversation today without it!

There is such tension on the print Marja-Leena - very interesting movement into the centre which is added to by the use of colour - really lovely print! My favourite so far I think!

Linden - thank you!! Coming from another printmaker, your positive comments are greatly appreciated!