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The tibouchina (urvilleana, I think) has been blooming again since returning to the solarium. The velvet purple petals fall and leave behind such photogenic pistils and stamens held in furry paws.

Marja-Leena | 07/11/2010 | 5 comments
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What amazing colors -- and shapes, too for a flower. I am not familiar with this plant, but it looks more like an animal than, well, a vegetable.

Such lovely delicate colors and twisty shapes! I wish it would clear up here so I can get some good photos of my orchids. I've got 20 in bloom now. I need strong natural light to get good photos of them with my little cheap Nikon.

Maria, these macro shots do make the flower look more otherworldly than it really is, but that's why it's so fun.

Hattie, it was a warm sunny morning in the solarium, perfect for taking good photos! Wow, 20? I'd love to see your orchid collection.

Wow. What fun!

MB, yes macro is a lot of fun as well as challenging, for me anyway. Are you enjoying your new camera and have you tried the macro feature?