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It is Mother's Day here in Canada and a few other countries, but I'd like to honour not just mothers, but all people, young and old, who care for their families, friends, patients or strangers! You make this mixed up world a saner place because of your love.

It's the first very warm weekend here, just glorious! Yesterday, we started the gradual migration to outdoor living by hanging my home-grown ivy geranium basket outside by the patio door and putting out the deck furniture. Later today we are going to have a quiet celebration with our youngest daughter, a Mother's Day baby 25 years ago, by going for a forest walk then dinner at a favourite seaside seafood restaurant.

May your day be wonderful!

Marja-Leena | 09/05/2010 | 10 comments
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Have a wonderful day, Marja-Leena! ps. That seaside resteurant sounds just great!

Enjoy your Mother's Day! Your floral images are stunning...thanks for sharing.

Ahhh! That sounds perfect. How nice to have two such special reasons for mother and daughter to celebrate together. My Mama was feeling relatively good today, so we took her to her favorite restaurant for chicken livers.

Leena, kiitos! Yes, the restaurant is in a great location, in a bay with lots of boats, incuding the ferries coming and going to the islands against the backdrop of the mountains still capped with snow. And the food was good, too! Hope your day was great too!

Loretta, thanks, and I hope you enjoyed yours too!

R, Mother's Day and youngest's birthday tend to often be celebrated the same day even when they don't always fall on the same date every year. She is having a party for friends on her 'real' day. How very grand that your Mama is so much better!

Oh, yes, I hope you had the very most pleasant day possible... and each one to come.

Hey 99! Thanks so much! Great to hear from you, and I see we both have Tofino on our minds!

Fascinating shadows on the inside of the petals.

Joe, glad you noticed! Those shadows make me think of musical clef symbols, especially the treble clef. Isn't that amazing?

I'm glad you extend your good wishes not just to mothers but to all people who care for others. I'm so happy that you are finally getting nice weather and some outdoor pleasures.

Hattie, thanks! I think of so many who don't have children of their own who care for other's children and elders, for the disadvantaged, sick and so on, and that includes men.